New Yorker
Chrysler Newport currently used as a daily driver and has been for the past 14 months. Test drives welcome. Car has no dings, dents, or scratches. Drives great, steers great. All chrome trim is there, very complete car for restoration or driving as is. located in Esquimalt.
Second owner of vehicle. Low beams high beams work, interior lights work, glove box light, ashtray light, gauge cluster lights and indicator lights work. Has original radio (not working due to needing new speakers) Nothing has been added, cut, or upgraded. all original. Seats front and rear have been re-upholstered, carpet is faded but is stain and tear free. Headliner is new and has no sag.
Car is a 383ci big block which always starts without problem and idles beautifully with a 3 speed auto tranny. New brake booster, new tires with original 14inch Chrysler hub caps.
Radiator cap requires a small weld, does not need replacing. and 3 power windows are not working.
Reason for selling is that I am moving out of province