Hello there, I am selling my Audio Technica AT USB Condenser Microphone. I bought this I think at the beginning of last year, right now brand new on Amazon.ca where I originally bought it from it is 199.99 direct from Amazon, and i believe I got it on sale for 169.99 at the time of purchase. The Microphone works flawlessly has superb sound quality, if you want to hear the quality for yourself go look up audio tests on Youtube! it comes with the stand it came with of course plus the usb cord of course and also included the Audio Technica branded cloth case that originally came with it as well as pictured in the pictures of this post. I am hoping to sell this for 100$ as I am need of money at the moment, but am open to offers of any kind. Please email, or text only low on minutes and would rather not be overcharged this month :D